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Indy Gov Director - Office of Public Health and Safety in Indianapolis, Indiana

Director - Office of Public Health and Safety



Director - Office of Public Health and Safety


$90,000.00 - $110,000.00 Annually


City County Building, IN

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Full Time


Office of Public Health and Safety

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2/5/2021 11:59 PM Eastern

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Position Summary

The Director, who serves at the pleasure of the Mayor, is responsible for coordinating all public health and safety activities across the Office of Public Health and Safety (OPHS), developing programs and policies to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the OPHS in achieving its goals, and managing staff across the departments within the OPHS. In consultation with the Mayor, the Director sets the overarching goals and objectives for the OPHS and ensures that they are working towards improving the quality of life of Marion County residents. The Director works closely with all City, County, and community agencies, including those involved in health and criminal justice, to create innovative solutions to the public health and safety concerns in Marion County.

Position Responsibilities

Plans and directs OPHS activities with delegated authority from the Mayor

Advise the Mayor on matters of health and public safety and exercise control of all matters, personnel, and property relating to and connected with the office and its divisions, including the authority to:

Oversee, supervise and coordinate the activities and operations of the divisions within this office

Appoint a chief of the division of public safety communications, and administrators for the Reuben engagement center and the division of re-entry services

With respect to Indianapolis emergency medical services, the director shall oversee the division, as provided in section 202-731 of the Indianapolis/Marion County municipal code or otherwise provided by law or agreement

With respect to public safety communications, the director shall be responsible for financing, purchasing, contracting for, acquiring, leasing, constructing, equipping, erecting, upgrading, and installing a public safety communications system and computer facilities for all participating public safety and public service agencies in the public safety communications and computer facilities district established under IC 36-8-15-7

Execute contracts subject to the authority of the mayor and any other limitations prescribed by law

Prepare and submit the office's budget to the controller

Delegate to the personnel of the office the authority to act on behalf of the director

Develops policy regarding the OPHS

Reviews and Evaluates OPHS programs and activities

Reviews and analyzes methods, procedures, practices, processes and systems used to accomplish the OPHS activities and functions

Provides information as directed by the Mayor's Office to various city/county community partners

Provides regular verbal and written reports to the Mayor's Office, external and internal stakeholders regarding the OPHS when directed

Develops mutual aid agreements and memoranda of agreement with local, regional and/or federal agencies that are mutually beneficial to both parties

Attends and speaks at public, departmental, divisional, committee, council, board and judicial proceedings as required

Maintains effective public relations with other divisions, agencies, media and citizen groups.

Coordinates and conducts research and evaluation of the impact of strategic initiatives in OPHS in conjunction with City and County agencies and departments, as well as the Health and Hospital Corporation of Marion County and other federal, state, and local public and non-governmental entities

Interacts with elected officials and administrators of other government agencies on pertinent issues affecting the OPHS

This list of duties and responsibilities is not intended to be all-inclusive and may be expanded to include other duties or responsibilities that management may deem necessary from time to time



Bachelor's degree

Excellent written and verbal communication skills

Interpersonal communications, tact and diplomatic acumen to effectively represent the City of Indianapolis

Demonstrative management of multiple departments and personnel

Ability to work independently and to foresee, identify, design and/or recommend solutions to needs, issues, and/or problems in the position's areas of responsibility

Ability to manage multiple tasks and set priorities

Experience and ability with public speaking and communication at meetings and conferences, with a diversity of audiences and people

Research, analytical and critical thinking skills, including sound judgment and decision-making skills and skills to correctly identify real and potential problems, advise management as required, and propose effective strategic resolutions

Skilled in project management, including meeting deadlines and completing tasks on time, as requested

Knowledge in statistical analysis


Advanced degree in criminal justice, public health, social work, or another translatable field

10 to 15 year's experience in criminal justice, public health, social work, or another translatable field

Knowledge of grant writing and procurement

Demonstrative success in winning grant funding

Independent Judgment

Independent judgment is regularly utilized when there are no available policies and procedures. Errors in judgment may cause inconsistencies and inconveniences that are highly visible to the Office and the public.